April Gin Monthly

Well, April was supposed to be a healthy month after the birthday indulgences of March but, between the school holidays and some exciting new gin releases, things didn’t exactly go to plan! Read all about it below.

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Sipsmith Orange & Cacao Gin

For a true gin-lover, Sipsmith require no introduction, and it won’t be long before their new Orange & Cacao Gin needs none either; it’s that good! After 10 years in the business, and with plenty of competition in the craft spirit category, Sipsmith are still undoubtedly leading from the front. I’ll be amazed if anything pushes this latest member of the family out of my Top Ten this year!

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Sipsmith Sloe Gin 2014


Rich, warming and slightly spicy sloe gin is, for me, the quintessential festive tipple. It is also the perfect beverage to have in your cabinet at this time of year; a highly versatile drink that can add Christmas cheer to any number of cocktails but is also deliciously comforting, and still rather special, served neat. I love making (and serving) my own sloe gin but it does require a little organisation and a lot of patience. And, although there are ways to improve the standard of your homemade sloe gin, there’s no guarantee of quality or consistency. If it’s quality you want, where better to go than to Sipsmith where the craft gin renaissance began, and where I also happened to begin my own gin journey.

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