One Time Gin Will Leave You Wanting More


One Time Gin have changed their subscription packages. For an up-to-date review please click here (November 2017).

With their first gin distilled on the stroke of midnight on 1st January 2017, One Time Gin launched as the UK’s only limited edition gin subscription club. Yes, there are a growing number of subscription services out there, but One Time Gin genuinely offer something no one else can, by collaborating with a different distillery every month to bring their members a truly limited edition gin that can’t be found anywhere else.

Members can expect to receive one full-size bottle of limited edition gin, mixers to complement the gin, the monthly newspaper One Time Press, and the ingredients that go into making the ‘Cocktail of the Month’. But what does that all look like? This is what it looks like! Gin A Ding Ding presents… One Time Gin!

The Cocktail of the Month is a particularly clever concept, not least because home cocktail-making is predicted to be one of the hottest gin trends of 2017. It’s an inspired way to explore a different side to the limited edition gins because, simple though the recipes may be to follow, you literally cannot create these cocktails without subscribing to One Time Gin.

March’s cocktail of the month is the Sakura Sour, featuring the limited edition Cherry Blossom and Jasmine Manchester Gin and the March box’s other secret ingredient, Yuzushu (a sake-based Japanese liqueur made with the juice from the yuzu fruit). The cocktail is simply amazing! Smooth and citrusy with gentle floral notes, and dangerously quaffable to boot. Here’s how I made it:

But it is not all about cocktails and other up-and-coming trends in the gin world. The good old-fashioned G&T is given a hefty leg-up too by March’s One Time Gin box, which contains not one but two of my favourite tonic waters, Double Dutch, which I first sampled at Junipalooza last year, and for which I have had a soft spot ever since.

With a bottle each of Double Dutch’s traditional Indian Tonic Water and their Cucumber and Watermelon variety, March’s box gives you even more opportunity to experiment with the showcased Cherry Blossom and Jasmine Gin. I made a simple gin and tonic using the Cucumber and Watermelon, with a watermelon garnish, and it was delicate and subtle with both fruity and floral flavours but it was undeniably a G&T, as opposed to the sort of hybrid spin-off that can occur when non-traditional tonics are brought to the party. Suffice to say, I’ve been reminded to pop back for some more next time my mixers are running low!

In addition to Manchester Gin, One Time Gin have already collaborated with Victory Gin (a sample of which I was lucky enough to receive in January) and one of my favourite distilleries, 58 Gin, so there is no doubting the quality of the distilleries they are working with. Unlike other gin subscription services, One Time Gin also announce the upcoming month’s gin (April’s box features Batch Gin and East Imperial tonic water) giving you the choice to opt in or, indeed, out. And in that respect they are pleasingly flexible; allowing you to pause, cancel or alter the frequency of your subscription at any time.

One Time Gin is competitively priced compared to similar subscription services on the market, especially considering everything they offer, including a gin you can’t possibly already own. However, if a subscription doesn’t appeal to you, there are also the options of purchasing a one-off box or one-off “Just the gin” without the tonic water and cocktail ingredients.

In what is fast becoming a saturated market it is incredibly exciting to see One Time Gin offering something truly unique and inventive. Given that, and the way in which their cocktails showcase the gins, I can only imagine that the list of distilleries hoping to work with them is growing rapidly. I, for one, certainly wouldn’t think twice about signing up to One Time Gin for life!

Subscribe with One Time Gin here at a cost of £42 per delivery. Use discount code APRIL5 for £5 off.


One Time Gin have changed their subscription packages. For an up-to-date review please click here (November 2017).


With thanks to One Time Gin for sending me a complimentary box of their March collaboration.



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