Gin Mare #MedRooftops London


The Drifters knew what they were talking about when they wrote Up On The Roof. And Gin Mare clearly know everything is all right up top too, as they launched their second annual Med Rooftops event in London on 20 July 2017. This year’s stunning event took place at The Institute of Engineering and Technology on Savoy Place overlooking the Thames. In keeping with the gin’s Mediterranean theme – its botanicals feature olives from Spain, thyme from Turkey, rosemary from Greece and basil from Italy – the rooftop was bedecked with olive trees, fragrant herbs and, of course, plenty of gin!


Lucky guests could sample one of four delicious cocktails: a classic Mango G&T served with black pepper and 1724 Tonic Water; a refreshing Frozemary featuring strawberry puree and fresh rosemary; a stunning Basil Smash; and, probably my favourite, The Perfect Martini, with Lillet Blanc vermouth and a drop of salt solution! In addition to all that there was also a tasty menu of canapés, oysters and incredible gin-and-tonic ice cream created by Ruby Violet.

Med Rooftops is also held across Europe, including in Munich, Rome, Barcelona and Lisbon, however you must register to request your place so get organised and plan your holidays accordingly!



With thanks to Richard Thiardt of Wild Card PR for inviting me to attend.


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