Plenty to ponder with Think Gin Club


If you fancy yourself as a bit of a mixologist, Think Gin Club could be the gin subscription service you’ve been looking for. At £40 a box, Think Gin Club offers equivalent value for money to Craft Gin Club and The Spirits Society but, in addition to the usual full-size bottle of craft gin, mixers and snacks, members also receive a mixology tool with every box.

New members can currently expect to receive a cocktail shaker when they sign up to get their collection started. Then, over the course of their monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly subscription, members will receive an array of jiggers, mixing spoons, copa glasses and more. And, if your imagination is challenged by anything more complicated than a gin and tonic, fear not; each box includes a leaflet with more information about the gin of the month and a selection of cocktail recipes to put to the test.


Unlike some other gin subscription services, Think Gin Club don’t promise any limited-edition gins but, with previous boxes including Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin from Australia, Glendalough’s Wild Botanical Gin from Ireland’s County Wicklow and the Isle of Wight’s Mermaids Gin, there’s no doubting the variety, and quality, of the gin you’ll be receiving.

I received the August box which contained a bottle of GlenWyvis Original Highland Gin in an attractive presentation gift tube, a bottle each of Fentimans tonic water and rose lemonade, a mixing spoon (a much-appreciated addition to this household) and a packet of Patatas Fritas (unfortunately for me all the signed-up members had snaffled the GlenWyvis Chocolate Truffles, but I received the deliciously posh crisps as a substitution). I also received a lovely branded copa glass (one can never have too many!) which I’m told members usually receive every couple of deliveries.

As always, Think Gin Club definitely win brownie points for delivering me a gin that, not only do I not already have in my collection, but have also never tasted. GlenWyvis Original Highland Gin hails from Dingwall near Inverness but this isn’t just another Scottish Gin: in 2016, 2,200 investors raised £2.6 million in just 77 days to create the world’s first 100% community-owned distillery. And, as a Community Benefit Society, GlenWyvis Distillery aim not only to rejuvenate Dingwall and beyond, but also power the entire distillery with renewable energy alone.

I’m thrilled to be introduced to GlenWyvis Gin; not just because it is groundbreaking in its business approach but also because it’s a really great gin! This Highland gin is made using locally picked hawthorn, in addition to juniper, coriander, angelica root, cinnamon, orange, lemon, almond and orris root. GlenWyvis Gin has a good solid juniper base with some nice, spicy notes and a long, slightly peppery, finish. It also benefits from an appealing, almost oily, mouthfeel. I’ve got to say, I’m very impressed with this gin and look forward to experimenting with it a lot more.

Sadly, I didn’t have enough of the ingredients to try the fantastic-sounding The GlenWyvis cocktail featuring Benedictine Dom, orgeat syrup and ginger syrup. I was also rather confused by Think Gin’s recommended G&T serve (lime garnish), given that they also referred to the distiller’s perfect serve (orange peel and bruised coriander) in the same literature. And it does seem a bit of a shame that the featured Fentimans mixers don’t get more of a look-in with the cocktails of the month. However, I did try my Fentimans Tonic with the orange and coriander garnish and, whilst being quite herbal, it was certainly very tasty. I also knocked up the suggested Gin Fix cocktail, a fairly classic serve which was both simple to prepare at home and simply delicious!


All in all, I reckon Think Gin Club offers a good deal, and they definitely have some great gins, and mixers, on their books. Other subscription services provide more literature, such as Craft Gin Club’s GINNED! Magazine but, if it’s mixology that makes your heart beat faster then you can’t really beat the bits and bobs that come with a Think Gin Club membership. It’s certainly one to give some further thought…


Join Think Gin Club here. Use Code TG10 to get £10 off your first box and a free cocktail shaker worth £20.

With thanks to Think Gin Club for the complimentary gin box.

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