Boutique-y Gin Launch is Out of This World!

imageLimited edition gins are big news. Very big. But they can also be problematic; being expensive, risky and time-consuming for distilleries to bring to market. But that is where the newly launched That Boutique-y Gin Company comes riding gallantly to the rescue. That Boutique-y Gin Company, sister to the highly successful whisky company of the same name, is the world’s first independent gin bottler, taking secret unreleased projects and exciting experiments from distilleries in their purest form before bottling, labelling and marketing the products themselves.

“We kept hearing the same story from many of our favourite distillers about partly or even fully developed liquids they hadn’t been able to release. As consumers, these gins not being available to enjoy made us sad – so we set out to fix it.”

That Boutique-y Gin Company (TBGC) recently launched with ten products from some of the world’s finest and most well-established distilleries, including Hernö, Ableforth’s, and FEW Spirits, as well as some less well-known but equally impressive up-and-coming distillers, such as McQueen and Greensand Ridge. In addition to that impressive list, TBGC also added one of their own creations; a Cherry Gin and the first of its kind commercially available. I was lucky enough to attend the launch at East London Liquor Company, and taste the entire product range, and I can happily confirm there is not a dud gin in there!

As if all that wasn’t exciting enough, TBGC also launched their newest product; Moonshot Gin. Moonshot Gin is, incredibly, made exclusively from botanicals that were sent into space on 7th March 2017! Those botanicals – including juniper, coriander, cubeb pepper, camomile flowers, cardamom and even moon rock from a lunar meteorite – were sent into the stratosphere, “well above” the ‘Armstrong Line’ where fluids in your body vaporise at body temperature!

The cynical amongst you would be forgiven for seeing this as little more than a clever marketing ploy, but there is some serious science behind this; at an altitude of 24km, the botanicals were exposed to pressures less than 1/100 of those at sea level, which is quite something considering that a vacuum still can only achieve pressures of around 1/10! Batches one and two of the much-anticipated Moonshot Gin will feature, like the rest of the product range, the beautiful and entertaining hand-illustrated labels created by the talented Grace J Ward, and will be released in April 2017.

With their ‘Space Gin’ firmly in the bottle, TBGC’s next goal would appear to be “To Infinity and Beyond!” as they plan to “definitely” release at least 50 gins this year. In actual fact, they admit they would be happier to achieve closer to 100! And with a range growing that rapidly, you can expect to see more interesting developments on the horizon including collaborations with Southwestern Distillery (home of Tarquin’s) and Crossbill Gin. The current product range can already be purchased in a Drinks by the Dram tasting set so you can certainly hope to see future collaborations including, perhaps, crackers or an advent calendar in the months to come! That Boutique-y Gin Company is definitely the company to keep an eye on in 2017.


The entire That Boutique-y Gin Company range is available to purchase from Master of Malt.

With thanks to David T Smith and That Boutique-y Gin Company for inviting me to the launch party.


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