OTG’s Marmalade Gin

IMG_2539From Aber Falls Marmalade Gin to Malfy Con Arancia (featuring blood orange peel) and Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla (made with Seville oranges and orange blossom), citrus is undoubtedly where it’s at at the moment. And One Time Gin’s April subscription box is no exception. I was lucky enough to receive the “dinky” package, including a 350ml bottle of Marmalade Gin alongside a bottle each of Luscombe’s Devon Tonic Water and Grapefruit Water and a bottle of OTG’s “Curaçao-esque” orange and ginger liqueur. And I was not disappointed. Not one bit.

Since I reviewed OTG’s relaunch in November 2017, they have collaborated with Union Distillers (the makers of Two Birds Gin) on a Christmassy Lebkuchen Old Tom Gin and Victory London on February’s Flowerbomb Gin. Their April offering (in keeping with November’s Red Leaf Gin) was produced with a little help from Langley Distillery who created a citrus-led gin featuring lemon, orange and cloves to which OTG added a Cornish Seville orange marmalade as well as blood orange and pink grapefruit marmalades from Scotland. The result is a gorgeous golden-coloured gin that is sweet and tangy with a touch of bitter orange that keeps it on just the right side of being a liqueur. Either way, it’s immensely sippable!

With the included mixers the Marmalade Gin makes a stunning, refreshing and well-balanced gin and tonic. And that is as much a credit to those excellent mixers as it is to the gin. I had never tried Luscombe’s tonic waters before but I am very, very impressed. Produced in Devon with local soft spring water, they are free from concentrates, additives, preservatives, colourings, artificial flavourings and enhancers and are gently carbonated to release their complex botanical flavours. The Grapefruit Tonic Water is wonderful but it is the Devon Tonic Water, featuring Japanese yuzu, which has really blown me away. It is well worth seeking out.

The highlight of the lot, however, is probably the Breakfast Martini featuring OTG’s “Curaçao-esque” orange and ginger liqueur. As explained in OTG’s publication – The Ginner Circle – the Breakfast Martini was invented by Salvatore Calabrese, President of the United Kingdom’s Bartender Guild, who was inspired by his wife’s breakfast of marmalade on toast to add the preserve to a classic White Lady cocktail. The result, with OTG’s delicious gin and subtle ginger kick from the Curaçao, is outstanding.


If you haven’t already signed up to One Time Gin’s subscription service, there’s no time like the present!

With thanks to James Grant at One Time Gin for April’s complimentary subscription box.

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