Get A Taste For Gin With Flavourly

IMG_6673Perhaps better known as a craft beer subscription service, have recently added a Gin Discovery box to their line-up and it looks pretty tempting indeed. Unlike all of their competitors, Flavourly offer their subscribers three 200ml bottles of craft gin in addition to mixers and snacks.

I was delighted to receive not one, not two, but three gins I neither owned nor had even tried before: Kokoro Gin, Makar Old Tom Gin and Ginerosity. In addition to this exciting line-up, the sturdy box contained two cans of Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water, a tempting packet of Manomasa tortilla crisps and Flavourly’s in-house drinks magazine. You can watch the full unboxing below:

At £34.99 per month (and with the ability to adjust delivery to every two or three months) Flavourly’s Gin Discovery Club is priced in line with most other subscription services, especially when you take into account all the extras. The opportunity to try three different gins from three different distilleries is a big advantage too. Although there are competing products which also offer a variety of gins in a monthly package, they generally only supply 50ml miniatures which won’t stretch beyond one double G&T. With Flavourly’s 200ml bottles you can share your gins with your friends, or experiment with different cocktail recipes.


The quality of gins is hard to argue with too. Although I’ve yet to try Makar’s Old Tom Gin I’ve long been a fan of their original Glasgow Gin so that bodes well in my eyes. Similarly, Ginerosity, “The world’s first social enterprise gin”, which is made using ethically sourced botanicals and the profits from which are poured back into projects to help young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds, is created by the well established team at Pickering’s. Kokoro Gin, an intriguing Japanese inspired London Dry Gin featuring Sansho berries and produced by Charles Maxwell of Thames Distillers, has also been well received by the gin community.

If, like me, you’re new to these gins, Flavourly’s glossy 38-page magazine introduces all three products as well as including an extended feature on Kokoro Gin and a page of gin cocktail recipes. Beyond that the magazine is very beer centric (clearly the same publication is sent to beer and gin members alike) but that’s well received in this house too so I can’t complain!

Unlike One Time Gin and, to some extent, Craft Gin Club, Flavourly don’t promise to supply limited edition gins so this may not be the subscription of choice if you already have a well established gin collection or want to discover something original or rare. However, Flavourly are clearly working with some exciting distilleries and all three of the gins I received are also fairly new to the market. It’s also a pretty safe subscription to sign up to as you’re not at risk of receiving a large 70cl bottle of gin that doesn’t ring your bell. On the other hand, I certainly find miniatures disappear rather too quickly to properly get my taste buds around a new gin, so I reckon this box offers a pretty perfect balance, and you can’t really ask for more than that.


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With thanks to for sending me a complimentary Gin Discovery Box.


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