Preview: Secret London Gin Run

It’s not something I shout about (anymore) but I’m a bit of a runner. I used to be a lot of a runner – in 2015 I completed 15 races including The London Marathon – but things (and I!) have slowed down a bit since then. Last year I managed a half marathon but 2017 is looking very quiet on the running front. It was, in fact, one of my new year’s resolutions to get out running more regularly, and what better motivation than a gin run?!

Before you panic (hi Mum!), I’m not talking about running and drinking gin at the same time. That would be unwise to say the least. No. What I’m talking about is Secret London RunsGin Glorious Gin event which is taking place in the capital this April.

The highly acclaimed Secret London Runs organise secret themed tours – such as Riches, Royals & Rumours, London’s Power Women, and Roman Rampage which sees you attempting to solve a murder in Londinium – as well as slightly more conventional sightseeing running tours. Whether you are planning your first trip to London, or you have been living here your whole life, this is undoubtedly a great way to explore, and see a different side of, the city as well as getting in a bit of exercise.

Most excitingly, founder, and fellow gin-lover, Vanessa has just launched the Gin Glorious Gin 10k run which promises lots of gin-themed games and silliness while exploring, and learning about, London’s gin craze. Being a secret run, the route, including even the start and finish locations, are kept confidential but rest assured you will be rewarded with a large, and much needed, G&T at the end! In addition to your G&T you can also expect to receive a goody bag and “Secret London Runs’ Guide to Gin”.

If, like me, you’re not quite as fast as you used to be (or want to be) panic not. Secret London Runs cleverly offer a variety of runs for different paces. There are walk/jog events aimed at beginners’ as well as steady (1hr 15min / 10k), speedy (1hr / 10k), and rapid (45-55min / 10k) pace runs. Events take place between 2nd and 12th April 2017 and tickets are currently reduced from £29 to £24 per person. Tickets are selling fast though so lace your trainers up and make a dash for it!



1 thought on “Preview: Secret London Gin Run

  1. At what stage of the event will the finishing line get leaked to the press? I’m not sure I can wait 10k for my G&T!

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