May Gin Monthly

Wowsers, that was one hell of a month! Between #GinADayMay, indoor hospitality reopening and plenty of exciting new gin releases, it really has been a busy one. Here’s my round-up of what I can remember!

Booze News

It’s been all about #GinADayMay for me this month so apologies for missing out on all the other booze news. Another brilliant month saw even more brands getting involved and loads of wonderful, creative posts. If you took part, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and also found lots of new gins and cocktail recipes to try out. I’ll be writing a full recap in due course but, in the meantime, here’s all my 31 pictures below.

New Gin Alerts

It’s been a really busy month for gin releases too. Proving that orange is the new pink, this month has seen the release of Sky Wave’s Orange & Madagascan Vanilla Gin and Hayman’s Exotic Citrus Gin both of which are, intriguingly, served with a basil garnish. The same herb also looms large in Chase Distillery’s new Raspberry & Basil Gin which I was very generously gifted with a huge hamper including absolutely everything needed to make their Basil Smash cocktail.

A couple of other releases to have really caught my attention include Foxhole’s HYKE Very Special Gin which will replace Foxhole Gin in their portfolio, and Campfire Distiller’s Edition Navy Strength Cask Gin, created by washing an ex-bourbon barrel with ruby port, prior to refilling it with Navy Strength Gin. Only 67 bottles were made and just a handful are still available to purchase.

And that’s still far from all. There’s also Tappers Tickled Pink Gin by Simon Rimmer, made with Provence red rose petals and exotic hibiscus flowers, Portobello Road’s Savoury Gin (originally a distillery exclusive knows as King Theodore of Corsica), Red Door Gin with Summer Botanicals and Hrafn Gin Valkyrie.

My Month in Gin

Beyond #GinADayMay, I’ve also been pretty busy with some wonderful virtual launches and tasting events, including Warner’s new London Dry Gin, Sky Wave’s Orange & Madagascan Vanilla Gin and HYKE’s Very Special.

I was also honoured to take part in a little virtual tutored tasting for the one and only Ginposium, and delighted to see my second article in print in Gin Magazine.

Welcome to My Collection

As well as the aforementioned Sky Wave Orange & Madagascan Vanilla Gin, Hayman’s Exotic Citrus Gin, Chase Raspberry & Basil Gin and HYKE Very Special – created with English-grown wine grapes and featuring grapefruit, earl grey tea, lavender and, surprisingly, a tiny drop of very special brandy – I’ve also been lucky enough to receive Scotland’s new Turadh Gin and a couple of stalwarts – in the form of Fifty Pounds Gin and Highclere Castle Gin.

Catching Up and Looking Forward

If you missed out on all the #GinADayMay fun I’ll be writing my recap (and perhaps featuring your pictures) as soon as I recover! In the meantime prepare your palates and ready yourselves for World Gin Day on 12th June followed, in quick succession, by World Martini Day on 19th June. With five days of judging lined up for IWSC as well, I’ll see you on the other side – if I make it! 🍸🛎🛎

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