May Gin Monthly

Wowsers, that was one hell of a month! Between #GinADayMay, indoor hospitality reopening and plenty of exciting new gin releases, it really has been a busy one. Here’s my round-up of what I can remember!

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Fifty Pounds Gin


Launched in 2010, before the current gin craze took hold of the country, Fifty Pounds is said to be made to a centuries-old recipe dating back to the times of the first gin craze. The original recipe became known, ironically, as Fifty Pounds Gin in reference to the Gin Act of 1736 which imposed an annual levy of £50 on anyone wishing to produce and sell gin. The cost should have crippled producers but only two license applications were ever received and the gin craze, and the attempt to curb it, continued unabated for many more years!

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