Lilliput Dorset Gin


Dorset’s Jurassic Coast is a rather special spot for me. It’s where my husband grew up, where we got married, and where our children now love to visit for fossil-hunting and rock-hopping. So you can imagine my excitement to receive a sample of the county’s newest spirit which hopes to capture “the invigorating spirit of summer on the Dorset coast”.

And Lilliput Dorset Gin clearly have plenty of confidence in the heat of those Dorset summers, seeing as they’ve chosen Egyptian basil, Spanish thyme and Greek olives to complement their locally grown rosemary. All of these are separately infused in a grain spirit before being combined with juniper and other botanicals. Following distillation, the final product is bottled at 40% ABV. And what a bottle it is!

A bold and savoury spirit, Lilliput Gin bears some resemblance to the Mediterranean Gin Mare and makes for a full-bodied gin and tonic. To help you get yours just right, here is Lilliput Dorset Gin’s perfect serve G&T…


Purchase Lilliput Dorset Gin at £33 for 50cl.

With thanks to Andy Woodfield for sending me complimentary sample bottles.


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