March Gin Monthly

Last month was so mega busy I’ve somehow got to mid-April without publishing my March Gin Monthly, so here it finally is – better late than never and all that!

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June Gin Monthly

Not only have I been celebrating five years of blogging this month, but there’s also been World Gin Day – which coincided with National Rosé Day – and World Martini Day to toast. And, as if that wasn’t enough, I’ve also had the honour of judging about 260 gins for the International Wine & Spirits Competition Awards 2021! Read on to find out what happens behind the scenes and who won some of the top medals.

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Trevethan Cornish Gin


I love gin. And I also love writing about gin. It’s not just about the spirit for me though. Yes, of course, I love interesting botanicals and a delicious drink. But I also look for a good story, and a stunning bottle. And, according to The Gin Guild, I’m not alone. Truth be told, it’s pretty rare to find a gin that really ticks all the boxes. Rarer still to be asked to review one. Ladies and gentlemen, Trevethan Cornish Gin is, for me, that gin.

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