May Gin Monthly

Well, I may not have gone to Copenhagen or Cornwall as planned but, what with homeschooling, the rise and rise of virtual gin tastings and – of course – #GinADayMay, it’s still been an incredibly busy month!

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February Gin Monthly

February may be the shortest month but with lots of new gin releases, and plenty of booze news, there’s loads to catch up with. And, because February 29th doesn’t really exist, I’m publishing my gin monthly a day early. You can use your extra day to read it!

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Hidden Curiosities


In my last review I asked ‘what’s in a name?’. But in this day and age of social media, visual identity matters too. So today I’m taking a closer look at labels; specifically the stunning label wrapped around the squat, square bottle of Hidden Curiosities Gin.  I love the striking circus font with hints of Victoriana and the eye-catching copper foiling detail. It’s a handsome affair which, I think, will attract consumers whether online, in a shop or behind a bar. Better still, turn the bottle around and you are greeted with the very definition of a hidden curiosity; the eccentric wolf and dodo woodland scene after which the gin was named (and the design of which originated from the other business – the Cravat Club – that the gin’s founder runs). For me this aesthetically appealing bottle displays real passion and would make a great gift.

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