6 O’Clock Gin Romy’s Edition

Much like their Jekka Edition, 6 O’Clock Gin’s latest release is both a collaboration with, and tribute to, another local figure; in this case Romy Gill MBE. A British/Indian chef and food/travel writer, Romy was a fan of 6 O’Clock Gin from the first time she served the local spirit in her restaurant, Romy’s Kitchen, also located in Thornbury. In a departure from the rest of the 6 O’Clock range, however, Romy’s Edition signifies a step toward the ever growing, and increasingly popular, flavoured gin category.

Romy was raised in Burnpur, West Bengal, and her Mango, Ginger and Lime Gin is inspired by her childhood and the unique flavours of India. Distilled with herbs and spices commonly found in Indian cooking, the gin is infused with the juice of the Indian mango post-distillation, resulting in a coloured, gin with both sweet and spicy notes.

With a golden colour, and sweet honeyed nose, it’s clear from the outset that Romy’s Edition is a flavoured gin in which juniper will take a backseat. To taste, the initial sweet mango notes give way to citrus and spices with dry coriander seed and warming ginger the most prominent. Complex and well balanced with a wonderful depth of flavour, the mango chutney quality of Romy’s Edition has me instinctively reaching for the poppadoms and raita! Smooth and tasty enough to sip neat, it also makes a refreshing and summery gin and tonic garnished with a slice of fresh of mango.

I had a suspicion though that Romy’s Edition would work best in cocktails. Inspired by award-winning bartender Monica Berg (of Tayēr + Elementary)’s wonderful watermelon negroni I decided to try a mango version by steeping the Negroni in ripe mango chunks for a few hours. Smooth, rounded and slightly sweet it certainly hit the spot for me!

Mango Negroni
30ml Romy’s Edition Mango Ginger & Lime Gin
30ml sweet vermouth (I used Antica Formula)
30ml Campari
Fresh mango

Combine the ingredients and steep in chopped fresh mango for a few hours. Before serving strain and stir with ice to chill. Serve over ice and garnish with mango and a slice of lime.

However, when I heard 6 O’Clock Gin were holding a cocktail competition with Romy’s Edition I decided to push the boat out a little further. Largely inspired by the contents of the fruit bowl and fridge (some overripe mangoes and leftover sugar syrup respectively), and my bored daughter’s willingness to go to the shop to buy limes (and lollies in return for her efforts!) I decided to attempt a Mango Gimlet. As you can imagine, I was delighted when I heard my cocktail had made the cut.

All four finalist’s cocktails were made by Brand Ambassador, Tristan Darby, for the first time live on Facebook and then, almost immediately afterwards, again on Instagram Live. The competition was tough, including a Mango and Pineapple Hard Seltzer and a Mango Gin-Colada, so I was over the moon when Tristan declared mine the winner (albeit by a narrow margin!).

“Sarah’s Gimlet just snatched it with a nice complexity, warmth and interest that let the gin shine through.”

Tristan Darby, 6 O’Clock Gin Ambassador

So here it is, my competition-winning cocktail! Why not give it a go and let me know what you think in the comments below?

Mango Gimlet
50ml Romy’s Edition Mango Ginger & Lime Gin
25ml lime juice
12.5ml ginger & black pepper sugar syrup*
10ml fresh mango puree

*to make the syrup combine equal parts sugar and water and simmer with finely chopped fresh ginger and black peppercorns for approximately 10 minutes. Ensure all the sugar has melted before leaving to cool.

Shake all ingredients with ice and double strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with finely milled black pepper and a slice of lime and allow yourself to be transported to tropical climes! Cheers!

Read the full story behind 6 O’Clock Gin, and my review of their London Dry, Sloe and Damson Gins here. I have also reviewed 6 O’Clock Gin’s Brunel Edition, Five Year Aged Sloe Gin and Jekka’s Edition.

Purchase Romy’s Edition Gin here at £38 for 70cl (40% ABV) until November 2020.

With thanks to 6 O’Clock Gin for the complimentary bottle of Romy’s Edition.

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