6 O’Clock Gin Jekka’s Edition


Launched at Junipalooza 2018, Jekka’s Edition is 6 O’Clock Gin‘s latest addition to their range, joining their eponymous London Dry, Sloe Gin, Damson Gin and last year’s Brunel Edition. As suggested by the beautiful transparent bottle, this is the lightest and most delicate offering from 6 O’Clock but, far from being a departure, this gin remains true to their roots.

Those roots are firmly planted in Bristol. A family-run business for thirty years, siblings Michael and Felicity bought their parents’ business (Bramley and Gage) in 2007 and released 6 O’Clock Gin – a tribute to their great-grandfather Edward Kain, an engineer and merchant seaman – in 2013. If you want to know more about the history of the company, check out my original review. In 2017, they doubled down on those Bristol roots by releasing their 50% ABV spirit in honour of one of the icons of the Industrial Revolution; Isambard Kingdom Brunel – designer of Bristol’s SS Great Britain, Temple Meads Station and the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge.


This latest edition couldn’t be more different from Brunel’s in terms of flavour profile, and appearance, but it does also recognise another local figure. Jekka McVicar is a well- known personality in the gardening world, a best-selling author who was crowned “the queen of herbs” by chef Jamie Oliver. With her famous herb farm just three miles from the 6 O’Clock distillery, she couldn’t resist the temptation to collaborate with them.

“It was an opportunity I couldn’t miss. The 6 O’Clock team are as knowledgeable and passionate about gin as I am about herbs. I knew together we would create something really special.”

An intriguing selection of the finest herbs – lemon verbena, swiss mint and blackcurrant leaf and rose petals – are handpicked first thing in the morning at Jekka McVicar’s farm and delivered and distilled on the very same day with 6 O’Clock’s London Dry Gin – made using juniper, winter savory, angelica, orris root, coriander seed, elderflower and orange peel – for the freshest flavour.

The result is indeed “fabulously fresh” as is emblazoned across the front of the bottle. The nose is green and crisp with juniper and lifted aromatic notes. To taste it has a floral sweetness with a touch of citrus. On the palate it retains that outstandingly fresh herbal flavour but with a slightly peppery heat and refreshing mint on the finish.

Jekka’s Edition is a light yet complex gin that makes a wonderfully enjoyable G&T with Indian tonic and a spring of mint. It is not only an excellent addition to 6 O’Clock’s consistently first-rate range but also to my collection!


Read my earlier review of 6 O’Clock Gin’s London Dry, Sloe Gin and Damson Gin here, 6 O’Clock Gin Brunel Edition Gin here and 6 O’Clock Five Year Aged Sloe Gin here. Read my latest review of Romy’s Edition Mango, Ginger and Lime here.

Purchase Jekka’s Edition Gin here at £38 for 70cl (40% ABV).

With thanks to Maria Badel, Head of Marketing at 6 O’Clock Gin, for the complimentary bottle of Jekka’s Edition.

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