Gŵyr Rhosili Dragon Strength Gin

I’ve long been a fan of The Gower Gin Company – having reviewed their original Gŵyr & Pinwydd Gins in 2018 and placed their Bara Brith Gin in my Top Ten of 2019 – so I was excited and delighted in equal measure when I heard they were releasing a Navy Strength Gin.

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The Gower Gin Company; Gŵyr & Pinwydd Gins


Provenance is undoubtedly popular these days – after all who doesn’t like the feelgood factor of buying something local? – but, like anything that matters, it’s not easy to get right. There’s confusion about names (my friend up north is forever confusing Slingsby and Harrogate gins); there’s the all-important matter of honesty and authenticity (it recently transpired Snowdonia Gin is actually made over the border in Warrington); and then, to really mean something, provenance needs to go beyond the name to the product itself. It’s not just what the gin is called and where it’s made that matters, but also what it’s made of and why. Provenance is about stories and people, botanicals and landscapes. And to do provenance properly it all needs to connect with that community.

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