Hendrick’s Flora Adora Gin


If you’re a fan of Hendrick’s Gin you’ll be familiar with their limited-edition releases from their Cabinet of Curiosities, the first of which – Midsummer Solstice – was launched in 2017. Today, as we prepare to bid farewell to Lunar Gin, it’s time to welcome their latest creation: Hendrick’s Flora Adora!

The Cabinet of Curiosities may sound like something that belongs only in the magical world of Harry Potter, but I can assure you it does exist and this muggle has even been lucky enough to have a peek inside! Hidden away in the equally beautiful and eccentric Hendrick’s Gin Palace in Girvan, Scotland, the Cabinet of Curiosities can be found in Lesley’s Lab; domain of master distiller and creative genius Lesley Gracie.

I was exceptionally honoured, and excited, to join a bartender trip to the Gin Palace in November last year, where (among gong baths and black tie dinners!) we were treated to a full behind-the-scenes tour and an extensive tasting of the Hendrick’s range including Flora Adora! As the first group to taste this new release outside of William & Grant employees, we’ve all had to keep this secret for a long time now, but no more…!

Inspired by the wild flower garden at the Gin Palace, and in particular the flowers favoured by butterflies and bees (as Leslie Gracie explains below), Flora Adora is created using the same base as all Hendrick’s gins and infused with floral botanicals – including hibiscus and lavender – alongside their signature rose and cucumber essences.

“I find it really relaxing to watch the butterflies and bees busy at work in the garden. It’s fascinating to me how they seem to settle on some plants more than others. Certain flowers are more enticing to the pollinators and it’s these blooms that I’ve used to create a botanical blend for Hendrick’s Flora Adora.”

Lesley Gracie

Hendrick’s signature roses certainly dominate the perfumed and sherbetty bouquet of Flora Adora, preparing one for the bold flavours to follow. Lavender comes to the fore of the bountiful florals on the palate, alongside a confected fruit note, oddly reminiscent of Barratt Fruit Salad Chews (though I assure you, I mean that in a good way)! Then, just as those florals threaten to overwhelm you, a fresh, green herbaceous hit brings everything back under control with a peppery bite complementing the rose notes on the finish.

If I’m honest floral gins aren’t usually my bag but, despite being big and bold, Flora Adora is brilliantly balanced and really, really well made. It also works exceptionally well in cocktails. I loved it in a sensational Summer 75 at the London launch last month (a riff on a French 75 with falernum and raspberries), and in a cracking Clover Club at home, but can also highly recommend the super simple signature serve below.

Wildgarden Cup

50ml Flora Adora
25ml Lemon juice
25ml Simple syrup
Top with soda water
Raspberries, mint leaves and cucumber wheels to garnish

Add all ingredients to glass over cubed ice. Stir and garnish with cucumber, mint & raspberries. 

Whether you’re a fan of floral gins, or a fan of Hendrick’s, you’re definitely going to want to check this out and I’d love to hear what you think when you do!

Hendrick’s Flora Adora Gin is available to purchase from clinkspirit.com at £30 for 70cl (43.4% ABV).

With thanks to Hendrick’s for the invitation to the Gin Palace and London launch and complimentary bottles of gin.

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